Top 6 Criteria to Determine the best Washing System for the application

Top 6 Criteria to Determine the best Washing System for the application

Selecting a cleaning system that best integrates into the current work flow and fulfills the cleaning requirements are basic factors for a successful project. To help select the best equipment for the application, consider the following 6 questions. These factors impact complexity, size, and overall cost of the washer and will ensure that the best possible cleaning system is selected.

1. What are the parts to be cleaned?
Are there sensitive geometries that might make cleaning or drying a challenge? Are the parts of a uniform shape and size or varied?

2. What is the production rate required?
Part Throughput or Production – How many parts do you need to clean per hour? Is the production rate constant or variable?

3. What contaminates need to be cleaned or removed from the parts?
Is there any chemistry that must be added to the surface of the parts?

4. Are there Critical Areas of Cleaning/Drying?
Are there areas of the parts that are more critical for cleaning or drying than others?

5. What is the part handling process?
How are the parts loaded onto and removed from the washer? What type of interface will there need to be between the washer and the material handling systems in your facility?

6. What is the cleaning process objective?
Do you have clearly defined cleanliness or dryness requirements? How will you measure compliance with those requirements?

These key items are the critical project details that determine the type of cleaning system needed and the overall scope of the project. In addition to those key items, knowing the available plant utilities, available space, environment requirements, and integration implications with material handling outside of the washer will also influence the system type that is best suited for the application.

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