Industrial Ovens for Pita Manufacturing

Pitas that pop perfectly in an ITS conveyor oven!

ITS manufacturers industrial ovens for food processing applications including, pitas, chips, pretzels and jerky. Our ovens allow companies to maximize production and deliver a high quality product to their customers. We use tight temperature controls and zoned heating to achieve repeatable results for each product.

The pita oven below was designed to produce the perfect pita every time in a continuous processing conveyor oven.

The customer had a very old gas fired pita popping oven and had very little control of the process except adjusting the gas pressure to the burners. Depending on the conditions in the plant each day they would have pitas that would come out very light or overdone. It was an art for them to keep a consistent product coming out of the oven.

Solution – ITS Pita Oven 

ITS designed an IR Heated Pita Oven. The design provides heating from the top and below the pitas allowing for precise control of the entire heating process. The Gas-IR Heated Pita Oven design allowed the customer to determine when in the oven the pita should pop as well as the darkness of the pita coming out of the oven. This is done with the ITS proprietary control package with multiple zones of control. The multiple zones allows the baker to optimize their process all the way through the oven and makes the baking process very repeatable from day to day. The zones of gas-fired infrared heaters above the conveyor and below the conveyor allows for optimum popping, heating and browning of pita.

A multi zones IR Pita Oven with woven mesh belt going thru the oven. ITS worked with the customer to design the loading of the pita dough onto the belt as well as unloading the cooked pita onto the customers cooling conveyor system. With the precise control of the heaters, the pitas could be baked to perfection with pin point control.

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Pita Ovens for Commercial Applications


ITS can help with your food processing application. Our ovens are used for baking tortillas, flat breads, jerky and sausages. Download our guide on selecting an industrial oven. The guide contains the top criteria to consider when selecting an industrial oven.

Contact ITS to learn more about how we can help with food processing applications. Our sales team can be reached at or 414.672.7700.



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