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ITS – International Thermal Systems is a global original equipment manufacturer of industrial process ovens, furnaces, washers and associated material handling equipment for applications in automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry and metal packaging industries. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA with offices in Europe and Asia.

Our goal is to help you maximize production efficiency and minimize energy consumption. Equipped with proprietary technologies, we work with you to meet precise heat processing requirements. The ITS team is honored to have been awarded Patents for ingenuity in process dryers, airflow circulation, and product transfer applications.

International Thermal Systems was established when three recognized and distinguished manufacturers in the heat processing, finishing, and metal decorating industries merged; Industrial Heat Enterprises International (IHEI), Oven Systems Incorporated (OSI), and LTG Technologies, Inc.

ITS manufactures battery equipment, industrial furnaces, industrial ovens and industrial washers. We have a dedicated division to aftermarket services providing customers with outstanding service and replacement parts throughout the life of the equipment.


International Thermal Systems is the industry leader in lead acid battery curing technology. Our dedicated Battery Manufacturing Division engineers provide energy efficient solutions for your curing and drying needs. With over a 1000 worldwide installations we can offer both standard and customer specific chamber sizes to accommodate any requirements. International Thermal Systems also offers the only self-cleaning Flash Dryer which is specifically designed to reduce free lead in air compared to standard Flash Drying units.

Metal Packaging

International Thermal Systems Metal Packaging Division has provided heat processing solutions to the food, beverage and aerosol can manufacturers (steel and aluminum) around the world. We continue to innovate, delivering solutions with ever increasing efficiency, smaller footprints and lower energy consumption.

Industrial Furnaces

ITS is an industry leader in thermal processing industrial furnaces, from homogenizing and solution heat treating to ferritic nitro carburizing and annealing. ITS offers a wide variety of furnace types and atmospheres, including car bottom, box furnace, drop bottom, homogenizing, tip-up, and air quench systems with manufacturing in America, China and Europe, ITS is ready to be your partner anywhere in the world.

Industrial Ovens

ITS manufactures industrial ovens for a wide variety of heating processes including annealing ovens, batch ovens, calcining ovens, conveyor ovens, core wash drying ovens, curing ovens, drying ovens, thermal degreasing ovens and more.

Our ProCon™ Process Conveyor Ovens are standalone units or they can be used in conjunction with our ProCon™ Process Conveyor Washer as a dry-off oven. The ProCon line is available in standard configurations at an economical price point. Customized units are also available.

Industrial Washers

International Thermal Systems offers a wide variety of standard and custom designed industrial aqueous washers and cleaning systems. Our product line includes conveyor belt washers, monorail washers, rotary drum washers, pallet washers and special indexing wash systems. This equipment can be designed and used in everything from single stage cleaning applications to large multi-stage pre-treatment systems for cleaning parts prior to painting, coating applications, final packaging, etc.. Our equipment is designed using the latest environmental and OSHA regulations and uses various grades of stainless steel based on the cleaning chemistry required and work environment for the wash system.

Aftermarket Parts and Services

Customer support is our focus with: installations, installation supervision, equipment commissioning, spare parts and system audits are all part of the complete solution we can provide.  We recently launched a new web store for replacement and spare parts. Our tech and service department are available to support all installations.


International Thermal Systems headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. Here, engineering, manufacturing and R & D work cohesively with all ITS locations to deliver the best heat-treat solution to our customers around the globe. Our newly expanded facility in Shanghai, China provides additional manufacturing capacity with sales support. The sales office located in Stuttgart, Germany extends our presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as we support and grow our customer partnerships. To learn more about ITS heat processing solutions, email your questions to






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