Why ITS? We take great care in shipping your Industrial Ovens, Furnaces and Washers

ITS takes great pride in the craftsmanship of the ovens, furnaces and washers we manufacture. We build the machines with attention to detail and functionally test each machine before shipping to our customers.

The can washer shown in the photo below is 120 ft. long and 20 ft. wide, and built with over 10,000 parts. It can take up to 30 weeks to fully manufacture a can washer, depending on our customer’s specific needs. We functionally test each washer before it ships to the customer which includes charging the tanks and running product through the washer to make sure the machine performs to the required specification. We invite our customers to ITS for the final quality control testing and to observe the washer in operation. Once the customer is satisfied with the machine, it is ready to be disassembled and shipped.

To disassemble a machine with 10,000 parts can take up to 3 weeks. As we disassemble the equipment for shipping, we use a match marked tag system to insure the machine goes back together the way it was designed. This system allows for the equipment to be reassembled in a timely manner and correct the first time. At ITS, we take pride in making sure the equipment is packaged for ease of re-assembly.


Can Washer


Below is a varnish dip system that we recently manufactured for a motor customer. The oven has over 6,000 individual parts and our team was able to disassemble and pack the machine in just a few days with our tag  system.

Varnish Dip System


Once all of the parts and sub assemblies are packed, they are loaded onto a trailer and shipped to our customer. Because the machine was packed with our match marked tag system, your team will be able to install without issues. The ITS installation team is also available to unload and install your equipment.

Parts ready to ship












can washer on semi truck for shippingAt ITS, our shipping team is experienced and have shipped thousands of pieces of equipment to our customers. Our commitment to providing the highest quality in the industry is apparent in every department of our company. We look forward to working with you and invite you to contact us for a proposal for your next project.


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