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Industrial process ovens, furnaces and aqueous washers for applications in a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation, battery manufacturing, building products, foundry and metal packaging.

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Case Study #1

INTERNATIONAL THERMAL SYSTEMS has shipped and installed a large custom batch oven for a leading remanufacturer of substation and distribution transformers. The oven will be used to process a variety of transformer sizes. To meet the stringent requirements of the process, ITS incorporated Three5 Airflow Technology.  This airflow provides excellent temperature uniformity, reduces operating costs and increases throughput of their product.
Industrial Batch Oven for Transformers

Case Study #2

INTERNATIONAL THERMAL SYSTEMS has shipped and installed a TruTemp Box Furnace  at a jet engine facility in the US. The industrial box furnace was designed with electric heat , 1,600° degrees F with a vertical lift door. ITS was able to achieve +/-5°F at 1600°.  ITS offers both standard sizes and custom engineered box furnaces.

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