Aluminum aging oven, monorail washer, ice builder and a car bottom furnace – a walk through the ITS plant

A walk through the International Thermal Systems plant shows the diversity of ITS and all of the equipment we manufacture. ITS manufactures industrial ovens, furnaces, washers, ice builders and battery equipment. Each piece of equipment is designed to customer specifications and is tested prior to leaving our facility. By testing here at ITS, we are able to make any adjustments so when the equipment is installed, it is ready to run. Our aftermarket services team is available for installation and start-up. We recently launched a new online parts store to make ordering replacement parts quick and easy. Our goal is to be a long-term business partner and provide exceptional service throughout the life of the equipment. Contact ITS for more information for your next project.

International Thermal Systems Plant
aluminum aging oven, monorail washer, ice builder, car bottom furnace
Aluminum Furnaces, car bottom furnace, ice builder, industrial furnace, industrial ovens, industrial washers, monorail washers
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