Light the Night Milwaukee on 4-14

Light the Night on 4-14 in Milwaukee

Light the Night Milwaukee  on 4/14 is sponsored by our local TV station, WTMJ and encourages everyone to shine a light outside their home at 8pm. Shine a light and share a moment of togetherness with neighbors as we thank all of the front line workers.

TMJ4 wants to encourage the people of Milwaukee to unite and “Light the Night” this coming Tuesday while they stay safer at home.

Tuesday is 414 (April 14), a perfect night for our community to come together to share a little light during this dark time by literally shining a light (flashlight, phone light, etc.) and making a little noise of solidarity out their windows at 8 pm!

Please help spread the word about this act of togetherness and solidarity during these challenging days. It will be a simple and fun way to bring the community together without anyone leaving the house.

Let’s “Light the Night on 414,” Milwaukee!

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