ITS Ships 4 stage Custom Conveyor Washer

Custom Conveyor Washer for Cylinders

ITS has shipped a four stage custom conveyor washer with automated exterior transfer conveyor with the capability to accurately deliver parts to several machining cells.


  • Cleaning System – Provide a highly aggressive wash system to remove chips, particles and machining coolant from small engine blocks and sufficiently dry for shipping.
  • Transfer System – Provide an automated exterior transfer conveyor with a load station, part out-of-position sensing, five off-line pop up transfer stations and an unload station.


  • Spray wash parts to remove all chips, particles and machining coolant and force air blow-off parts to be dry upon exit. Outside of the cleaning system, transfer the parts using holding pallets on an automated conveyor loop. The conveyor loop delivers the parts off-line for robotic handling to machining centers and has both a load station and an unload station.
  • Deliver parts to five off-line handling stations with repeatable precision for robotic interface.
  • Design and integrate outside of the wash system an automated transfer conveyor with “smart part sensing” to provide “pause or pass” function at the off line handling stations.

ITS Solution
Provide a custom designed multi-stage conveyor cleaning system with forced air blow-off for part drying. The cleaning system consists of three (3) highly aggressive spray cleaning stages with a high velocity blow-off. Integrate a fully automated MDR exterior conveyor system with off-line pop up stations for use with part holding pallets for precise positioning.

Download the Job Profile.

Contact ITS for an Industrial Parts Washer for your application, contact the sales team at ITS for a proposal. Did you know that ITS offers free part testing and cleaning prior to manufacturing your washer? Send your dirty parts to ITS and we will wash the parts in our lab washer. Your clean parts will be returned to you with the cleaning process verified before manufacturing begins. You can be confident that your washer will clean as specified from the day it is installed. Contact ITS at 414-672-7700 or

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